ProLink SE

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Using the latest advancements in nanotechnology, Silmet’s ProLink SE bonds with dentin and enamel, any self-cure or visible light-cured composite, compomer restorative material, and composite resin cements.




Best Product: Prolink

The universal dental adhesive produces exceptional bond strength with primer and sealer combined in a single bottle.   ProLink by Silmet is a 5th generation, single-step bonding agent that delivers excellent shear bonding values to dentin, enamel, and all popular light-, dual-, or auto-cure composites. In 2014, Dental Product Shopper’s evaluation team put ProLink to the test. The universal dental adhesive scored high marks across a spectrum of criteria that included ease of use (application/placement), wettability, working time, reduced postoperative sensitivity, and overall satisfaction. These positive results earned ProLink a Best Product rating. ACHIEVING IDEAL RESULTS...

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ProLink SE
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