Pure White PODS

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Whiten in ½ Hour with Pure White PODS

Take-home Whitening Kit from OraTech

OraTech's easy-to-use Pure White PODS take-home kit whitens teeth quickly and conveniently.

OraTech introduces the new Pure White PODS take-home ½-hour kit that offers patients convenient home whitening. Each easy-to-use unit-dose 'pod' delivers a precise amount of 6% hydrogen peroxide gel, which oxidizes quickly for whitening results in just 30 to 60 minutes.

The water-based gel keeps teeth hydrated, while the potassium nitrate and neutral pH reduce sensitivity. Disposable, thin-flex trays comfortably fit the upper and lower arch, or custom trays can be used. The viscosity of the gel allows the trays to adhere to the teeth, providing continuous whitening.

The Pure White PODS take-home ½-hour kit is indicated for use as an at-home whitening procedure or as take-home maintenance whitening after an in-office procedure. Each whitening kit includes 7 upper trays, 7 lower trays, and fourteen 2-mL bulbs of 6% hydrogen peroxide whitening gel. 'Julie Schmitt

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Pure White PODS
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