Purkil Bio™

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Pūrkil Bio™ Disinfectant delivers maximum protection and confidence for both patients and staff, bringing the power of HOCl to mass distribution with extended shelf-life and a premium formulation. Pūrkil Bio’s fast-acting, broad-spectrum formulation is completely safe and non-toxic to humans and animals.  The no-wipe formula dries without leaving a residue. Pūrkil Bio™ is based on the electrochemical activation of water (ECA technology), and has been developed to reduce the amount of toxic chemicals used to disinfect or sterilize dental offices, water, air or any other medium.

•Hospital-Grade Disinfectant
•Kills 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, spores, fungi and biofilm
•Completely safe and non-toxic for humans, animals and plants
•Reduces odors
•No harsh chemical smell

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Purkil Bio™
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