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QuiXX Restorative offers both speed and reliability for the esthetic treatment of Class I and Class II posterior restorations.

The past decade has exhibited a steady and continuing shift toward esthetic, tooth-colored restorations in the posterior region.

Whether because of public demand for more seamless, cosmetic restorations instead of grey amalgam fillings or because of environmental and health concerns, more and more dentists are placing composites for Class I and Class II restorations.1 Relying on clinically proven and accepted adhesive techniques, direct placement of composite posterior restorations has significantly increased to the point where it may be the only technique taught in some dental schools.2

Aside from what dentists are taught and their level of familiarity and comfort with placing amalgams in the posterior, some of the main obstacles for dentists making the switch to placement of posterior composite were time, steps, and increased technique sensitivity associated with the use of most direct composites.3 In response to the demand for a tooth colored material that is quick and easy to place while offering the clinical reliability and durability required by dentists, DENTSPLY Caulk developed QuiXX Restorative, a direct posterior composite with the Precise Filler Control System.

Clinical Success

The proprietary filler technology offered in QuiXX provides for a highly filled material offering wax-like handling that is familiar to dentists when sculpting anatomy, and it holds its shape without slumping. Given the importance of proper occlusion for increasing the longevity of posterior composite restorations, the ability to precisely manage anatomy is a necessity for a clinically successful composite material.4 The unique formulation of QuiXX Restorative not only provides ideal handling for integral adaptation to cavity walls, but also allows the bulk fill of the material up to 4 mm in depth, which speeds the placement process.

In addition to the bulk fill capability of the material, QuiXX also cures in as little as 10 seconds with a light output of 800 mW/cm3 or 20 seconds for curing lights with an output of 500 mW/cm3 to 800 mW/cm3. As a result, the total placement of QuiXX Restorative is not technique sensitive. The material offers both speed and reliability for the esthetic treatment of Class I and Class II posterior restorations.

Quick and Easy Placement

While some studies continue to challenge the longevity of composite restorations in comparison to amalgam, the literature supports the clinical long-term viability and acceptance of posterior composite restorations.5,6 Ideally managed occlusion, low material shrinkage, thorough adaptation to cavity preparations, and proper adhesion of the restorative material to the preparation all contribute to the longevity of posterior composite restorations regardless of the material.4

QuiXX was developed and launched in 2004 to address the need dentists had to quickly and easily place a clinically reliable, tooth-colored posterior restoration. With its high filler load of 66% by volume and 86% by weight, QuiXX minimizes material shrinkage during curing while providing material handling that allows the dentist to readily adapt the material to the preparation and sculpt the proper anatomy. Combined with the use of Xeno IV Self-Etch Adhesive, the procedure time for the placement of a single surface restoration is as little as 3 minutes, saving time and money while also resulting in a clinically sound, longterm posterior restoration.

Versatile and Economical'for Dentists and Patients

Everyday patients are becoming more aware of the options available to them when they visit the dentist. While the demand for tooth-colored composite restorations increases, there is also demand by the patient to contain cost, and the dentist needs to maintain profitability. QuiXX Restorative provides dentists with a versatile and economical alternative to other posterior treatment options through its simple and reliable technique. It is offered in a single universal shade and single dose compules to further simplify the treatment of less cosmetically sensitive, but functionally critical posterior restorations. QuiXX continues to provide dentists with an ideal treatment option when esthetics and cost are of equal concern. 'Monica Roy


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