Rabbids Smart Brush

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Preventing cavities and building healthy smiles just got a boost from Ubisoft’s Rabbids and popular television series, Rabbids Invasion. Rabbids Smart Brush features the offbeat and silly Rabbids known for their fun-loving approach to life. This innovative, child-friendly app is a teaching tool, guiding young tooth brushers through a crazy running game that supports overall fi tness as well as improved dental hygiene. Kolibree’s 3-D motion sensors in the electric toothbrush handle allow the toothbrush to double as a game controller, connecting to the mobile app via Bluetooth. The screen displays the game as well as a visual guide that shows where to brush.




Smart Toothbrush Tracks Brushing Habits

The Kolibree, a toothbrush with 3D motion sensors, tracks and analyzes dental hygiene data during teeth brushing. The motion sensors gather data on brushing habits and note areas of the mouth that need more care, providing direct feedback via a mobile app. The Kolibree connects to a smartphone or tablet, displaying the results of teeth brushing duration, frequency, and covered surface....

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Rabbids Smart Brush
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