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Reach Total Care Floss from J&J is designed with flexible Micro-groove technology that allows you to remove 2x more plaque than Glide. This shred-resistant floss is made with a comfortable grip for patient comfort and compliance.

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Strechy and comfortable to use
I really like this floss. I have even recommended it to people in the grocery store who are trying to decide what to buy. I like that it is stretchy and does not break easily. I also like that it does not shred between teeth. There is nothing worse than picking floss out of patient's teeth. It is great for flossing with a threader also, since it doesn't get caught easily on braces. I also like that it wraps well around the tooth and is gentle on the gums. I don't think you are as likely to get a floss cut if you are an aggressive flosser.
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REACH Total Care Floss
J & J Instruments, Inc.
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