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Streamline Patient Reminders and Profit

Smile Reminder Generates Income with Recare

With Smile Reminder's recare system, practices receive an immediate response from patients, either by an appointment request through e-mail or by a phone call to request an appointment.

Smile Reminder, a comprehensive patient communication service, provides dental professionals with much-needed help to keep patients happy and revenues flowing during these tough economic times.

Generating over $500 million through its recare feature (reminders to patients that they are due for some type of continuing care appointment) alone, Smile Reminder provides dental professionals with a new and effective way to build and maintain revenues. With the average dental practice experiencing declines in revenues, reactivating lost patients is critical. Smile Reminder allows a practice to maximize the reminders to patients, while minimizing the amount of time that process takes.

The average practice makes $54,760 in recare income in its fi rst year using Smile Reminder. Smile Reminder's friendly notifications generate revenue that could otherwise be lost, while simultaneously providing patients with a much-appreciated service. Regular communication is a key factor in building relationships with patients and protecting the bottom line. 'Bob Alaburda

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