Reference Denture Record Procedure

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The Reference Denture Record Procedure is a simplified option for taking denture records for patients who currently have a denture but want to upgrade to an AvaDent Digital Denture. Using the RDRP, a dentist can duplicate the patient’s existing denture in the office and use the duplicate to make an impression and gather all the necessary records to create an AvaDent on the first appointment. Dentists will be able to fabricate a Reference Denture using the Reference Denture Kit provided by Lang Dental. The special denture duplication kit includes everything required for the procedure, including: Denture Duplicator Flask, Ortho-Jet Liquid Clear (118 mL), Contemporary Ortho-Jet Powder White (100 g), and Silicone Pump Spray (118 mL). For dentists who want to learn the RDRP, AvaDent offers free, 1-hour, live, online webinars on its website

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Reference Denture Record Procedure
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