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Relyant scalers and curettes come with free unlimited Nordent Professional Sharpening services; instruments can be sent in for prompt sharpening as often as necessary. This eliminates the need for in-office sharpening or re-tipping and ensures sharp instrumentation all the time. The sharpening restores original blade angles and factory sharpness. Relyant scalers and curettes feature high-quality tips that maintain sharpness along with lightweight, stainless-steel, ergonomic handles for maximum comfort. In addition to the lifetime sharpening service, Relyant instruments offer a trade-in program that offers a 40% discount for identical replacements.

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Relyant Scalers
Our office switched from Hu-Friedy to Nordent Relyant Scalers. I love them! Best if all free sharpening for life. You can't beat that Makes pts appointments comfortable. When returning our instruments for sharpening they are very prompt. Instruments are light and ergonomic.
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I do not like these scalers. They dull way too quickly.
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