SafeSeal Quattro Pouches

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Crafted in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, Medicom SafeSeal® Quattro pouches are mechanically sealed using TruePress™ Technology. This unique technology involves an exclusive production process that fuses the proprietary blue tinted film with high grade medical paper to form a perfect bond. The result is a leak resistant pouch that protects the integrity of your instruments every time.


SafeSeal Quattro is a durable, self-sealing sterilization pouch with convenient internal and external built-in indicators. “I loved that the pouches were durable,” shared a Massachusetts hygienist who evaluated the SafeSeal Quattro sterilization pouches for Dental Product Shopper. She continued, “Oftentimes I find that sharper instruments and ultrasonic tips will poke through the bags. This was not an issue with the SafeSeal Quattro pouches.” Fifteen evaluators, a combination of dentists and hygienists, evaluated Medicom’s SafeSeal Quattro ...

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SafeSeal Quattro Pouches
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