Saliva-Check Buffer Kit

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The Saliva-Check BUFFER Kit from GC America is ideal for use during routine oral examinations. This tool can identify, measure, and assess possible caries risk based on saliva condition. The kit can test hydration, salivary consistency, resting salivary pH, stimulated saliva flow, stimulated saliva pH, and saliva buffering capacity. It is also a tool for developing preventative care strategies and selecting dental materials.




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Testing Saliva properties in children with bronchial astma
I have used Saliver-Check buffer Kit and Plaque indicator Kit for determination of salivary hypofunction, ph of plaque in children with bronchial asthma. Those children use for the treatment of bronchial asthma such madication as systemic bronchodilators and steroids. It influences salivary rate, ph of rest saliva and ph of dental plaque.So, I need Saliver-Check buffer Kit and Plaque indicator Kit for my research work.
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Saliva-Check Buffer Kit
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