Sapphire Plus Plasma Arch Curing Light

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This power train forms a coherent beam of light for the fastest curing and hardest composites. The patented Whitening Crystal gently illuminates both arches for hands-free whitening, achieving up to 12 shades whiter in only 60 minutes with Sapphire Chairside Whitening Gel.




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Fast and efficient
I love how fast this is 3-5 sec. It has an excellent depth of cure and is fast and efficient. The number of light cured dental materials is increasing. In order to be productive, efficient and confident that your material is cured before the patient leaves the operatory, this is the light to use.
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Sapphire curing light
This light has served me well over the years. I am on my second one and would be lost without it. Curing takes only 5 seconds per surface so veneer cases go relatively quickly. The only drawback I can give is that it is pretty large and takes up some counter space. Other than that, I have only good things to say.
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Plasma Arch
I love this light, is so fast, sames a lot of time and aggravation.
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Plasma arc light
This light does a great job curing in 3 seconds with minimum heat produced. It saves a huge amount of time every day in my practice. I do a very small amount of amalgams a year and almost every restoration I produce affords an opportunity to use this light. Be it composites, porcelain inlays, oinlays or porcelain crowns, bridges and implant crowns, light cured products are a huge portion of my day. When I first investigated plasma arc lights I was told that they would cause curing problems, causing restorations to fail. I have used these lights for 20 years and after tens of thousands of restorations I have seen no evidence of this. My only problem with this light is it takes up a lot of space, and has an awkward holder and shape to pick up and replace. I have solved this by having my assistant hold it and pass it back and forth as needed.
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quick and consistant curing
i have been using conventional curing lights my whole carrer and started using the pac light about 2 1/2 years ago the easy and fast total curing of all products decreases the time for large composites, requiring layering to crown build ups , it has been a great time saver.
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Sapphire Plus Plasma Arch Curing Light
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