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NEW! SciCan's BRAVO Sterilizer

SciCan Inc. proudly introduces our new Bravo fractionated vacuum autoclave. Bravo is available in 120V and 220V in both a 10" 17 liter and 21 liter chamber size. Features like "Intelligent Closed Door Drying" and a pull'n push water system make Bravo easy to operate. With extremely fast wrapped cycles, the Bravo is THE round chamber sterilizer for today's dental office.

Features Pull'n Push water system direct to drain for waste water external water source
Intelligent Closed Door Drying faster wrapped cycles from start to dry
Two different chamber sizes available 17L or 21L
All machines are available in 120 volt or 220 volt
Single water use / no recycling dirty water as in other machines
Holds three cassettes or six cassettes
State of the art sterilizer that can be used anywhere in the world
Two year warrantee




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SciCan BRAVO Sterilizer
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