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Seal-Rite is 34.4% filled and flows nicely from cusp to cusp. The pearlescent color of Seal-Rite is easily seen.

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Easy to use
Spreads on tooth easily and is supposed to stand up to sall amounts of saliva.
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Success with Seal-Rite by Pulpdent
I am a hygienist (for the past 36 years). I have been placing this Seal-Rite sealant material for almost that long. I have a 99% success rate. The key to this or any other placement is completely drying the tooth and keeping it dry until the light curing is complete. I place these by myself with no problem. I have one patient who has travelled with me through the two practices where I have worked. She was a teenager then and now she is in her 40's. They are still intact!
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