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With the proven protection of fluoride, Sensodyne is the only desensitizing toothpaste with 7 forms and flavors to keep teeth sparkling clean and breath minty fresh.

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The patients that I see, LOVE the Sensodyne Pro Enamel toothpaste. I give out Pro Enamel samples all week long. Patients like the idea when they brush and floss before bedtime and then apply a small amount of Pro Enamel on their sensitive teeth overnight and feel relief in the morning is GREAT!!! As soon as they get in the operatory, they are reminding to give them a sample.
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Perfect Patient Sample after a prophy
Sensodyne samples, patients ask for one after their appointments. They actually remember getting one after their last visit. Sensodyne has been a staple in my office for solving patients' sensitivity issues for years. I like all the innovations made to this product line so all patients can get what fits their individual needs. Sensodyne has kept up with other brands as far as introducing whitening, new flavors and keeping its traditional product that some patients can not live with out. Sensodyne is a trusted desensitizer.
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