Sensodyne ProNamel for Children

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Developed with dental experts, ProNamel for Children offers the same enamel strengthening benefits as the adult ProNamel version— an optimized fluoride formula, neutral pH, low abrasivity, and no sodium lauryl sulfate. In addition to fighting acid erosion, the optimized fluoride formulation also helps prevent caries. Unlike adult ProNamel, ProNamel for Children does not contain potassium nitrate, because of the low incidence of sensitivity in pediatric patients. Tooth wear has been identified by dental experts as an emerging condition in oral health. Acid-containing food sources in children’s diets, such as fruit juices and soft drinks, can demineralize and soften the tooth surface, wearing away enamel. Additionally, because deciduous teeth have thinner and softer enamel, they are more susceptible to the deteriorative effects of acid wear. Furthermore, as children’s early dietary habits set the stage for their adult lives, the problem continues. To help today’s children head off this trend, helping parents and caregivers develop a preventive strategy against potentially damaging habits will be key. Dental professionals can recommend brushing twice a day with ProNamel for Children to help restrengthen enamel and prevent long-term damage. —Jason Schwartz

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Sensodyne ProNamel for Children
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