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Sesame 24-7 now features a centralized dashboard that gives the dentist a 360-degree view of practice operations, team performance, online marketing effectiveness, and patient satisfaction levels. As the CEO of the practice, user’s have access to performance and ROI information at their fingertips by logging on to Sesame 24-7. Visit to discover how Sesame can help manage more effectively, reach patients online, and grow as a practice.




Dentist Arrested for Trying To Burn Down Rival Dental Practices

In an attempt to turn up the heat on this competition, a California dentist was arrested on 3 counts of arson (among other charges) in connection with fires set at rival dental offices. Ventura County police began their investigation into chain of fires back in June 2014 after discovering flammable liquids on the roof of one dental office, stating, “It was obvious to investigators the suspect intended to use the liquids to commit arson.” Little damage was done in the initial attempts, and in late January, surveillance footage caught suspect Leopold Weinstein at the very first dental...

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Best Patient Communication Product on the Market!!!
After a full year of research for the best website company and the best patient communication system that will integrate the website with our practice management software portal, I decided on a website from Futuredonics aka 1-800-DENTIST (which we LOVE,LOVE, LOVE for it's impact, ease of use and cost) and we chose our patient communication system through SESAME COMMUNICATIONS. To date, they have the ONLY software that integrates with our practice management software using the patient portal and our website that offers all the usual- reminders by text, voice and e-mail, including ACCOUNT PAST DUE NOTICES, newsletters, appointment reminders,birthday greetings, announcements, surveys, special promotions and letters as well as google analytics that give you information about the traffic on your your website and the such. But the real clincher was that SESAME also offers a patient login, where the patient creates a profile & password, and HAS ACCESS TO THEIR PROPOSED TREATMENT, X-RAYS & REPORTS, PAST & FUTURE APPOINTMENTS, AS WELL AS SERVICES THEY'VE RECEIVED, IF & HOW MUCH INSURANCE HAS PAID. OUR PATIENTS NOW HAVE THE ABILITY TO MAKE A PAYMENT ON THEIR ACCOUNT-ONLINE, ANY HOUR OF THE DAY. ALL OF THIS SERIOUSLY REDUCES THE NEED FOR PHONE CALLS TO OUR OFFICE!!! DID I MENTION THEIR SUPPORT TEAM IS INSTANT AND TOP-NOTCH. WHAT MORE COULD YOU POSSIBLY ASK FOR FROM SUCH A PRODUCT? SESAME ROCKS! Check it out at
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