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Sesame Communications, in partnership with Resolution Research, conducted a national study that found which factors in a dental website make the difference between a new patient call and missed opportunity. The Sesame Website Evaluator uses this groundbreaking research in an interactive tool that allows dental professionals to examine how their website rates on each of these patient appeal factors.




Dentist Arrested for Trying To Burn Down Rival Dental Practices

In an attempt to turn up the heat on this competition, a California dentist was arrested on 3 counts of arson (among other charges) in connection with fires set at rival dental offices. Ventura County police began their investigation into chain of fires back in June 2014 after discovering flammable liquids on the roof of one dental office, stating, “It was obvious to investigators the suspect intended to use the liquids to commit arson.” Little damage was done in the initial attempts, and in late January, surveillance footage caught suspect Leopold Weinstein at the very first dental...

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