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Their new geometric design includes dual threads, three spiral channels stemming from the apex, micro rings on the implant’s neck, and a changing thread thickness along the implant. All Seven implants are supplied with a single-use final-drill that reduces the heat produced during drilling, improving osseointegration.

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MIS Seven Implant Review
I really like this implant as compared to others on the market. I've used Innova Endopore, Imtec Endure, Biohorizon, Implant Direct, & Ankylos. By far, I like this implant system the most because it's simple & very straight forward. It's adaptable with the aggressive thread design along with the microthreads coronally. Unlike, Nobel Biocare, which changes implant design every year (that's either an indicator that the design is bad or they are constantly innovating depending on your perspective), this is tried & true. It also comes with a final drill with every implant. For the price & investment, I would highly recommend it to anyone placing implants.
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