Sheer FluorX Fluoride Treatment Film

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SheerFluorX molds tightly to the teeth, ensuring complete contact of its 5% acidulated sodium fluoride, enabling rapid uptake. Because Sheer FluorX molds to the unique contours of a patient’s teeth and arch, it effectively prevents any washout of the Sheer FluorX gel and leakage down a patient’s throat. Application is easy—simply remove from the packaging and place. The no-mess design of the strips enables Sheer FluorX to be applied as soon as scaling and root planing or prophylaxis is complete, enabling dental professionals to free up the operatory and for patients to be quickly released. Unlike bulky fluoride trays, Sheer FluorX films will not trigger the gag reflex. The initial treatment is placed in-office, and the remaining Sheer FluorX Patient Treatment Kit is dispensed to the patient for home care. Each Patient Treatment Kit provides 24 FluorX films —Bob Alaburda

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Sheer FluorX Fluoride Treatment Film
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