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Sikka has never seen a practice gain less than $50,000 as a direct result of using this software in 1 year. Practice Optimizer offers features such as benchmarking, clinical and fee optimization, “Patients Now” button, all at the click of a button. Practice Optimizer is also available with unlimited technical support.




Candy Plays Tricks on Teeth: Prepare for a Busy Week!

The scariest part of Halloween could be the damage to your patients’ teeth after eating all that extra candy – cracked teeth, twisted wires, popped brackets, and more. On Halloween in 2014, there were 80% more emergency dental visits than on a regular October day, according to a report from Sikka Software and a recent CNBC article .  As every dentist knows, kids may chip or crack their teeth after biting into hard candy, and cavities from sugar are a long-term problem. Sikka estimated that more than $800 million could be spent on emergency dental...

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