Sinus Lift Balloon

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The minimally invasive Zimmer Sinus Lift Balloon allows for improved vertical sinus elevation results and gives clinicians added security when performing a traditional sinus lift procedure. The device successfully protects the Schneiderian membrane from tearing, which can significantly disrupt an implant case. The balloon instrument also helps a clinician to measure the required amount of bone grafting material. For example, 1 cc of saline, which is used to inflate the balloon, is equal to 1 cc of grafting material. The Zimmer Sinus Lift Balloon is available in 3 convenient, single- use configurations for optimum efficiency and ease-of-use. The angled design is ideal for lateral window procedures, the straight design is well suited for a crestal approach, and the popular micro-mini design can be used for either of these indications. —Julie Schmitt




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Sinus Lift Balloon
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