Slate Reversible Hydrocolloid Tray Material

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Slate is a reversible hydrocolloid tray material for use on crowns, bridges, partials, inlays and onlays. The material demonstrates excellent strength and does not require mixing. After boiling, Slate can be stored for 4 days. The econopak contains 144 60g poly tubes.




Meet the Evaluator: Kathy Mortazavi, DDS

Name: Kathy Mortazavi, DDS Dental School: University of California – Los Angeles Years in Practice: 12 Practice Location: Lake Forest, CA Favorite Product: Pentron’s Build-It Light Cure Core Material I have always been fascinated by the ever-expanding technological advances in dental equipment and materials and how these developments have facilitated the practice of dentistry. Every year I enthusiastically look forward to the California Dental Association’s annual conference. I enjoy spending hours exploring every exhibit, stopping at every booth, and talking to the vendors in order to gain a better understanding of their products. ...

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Slate Reversible Hydrocolloid Tray Material
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