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Available at no extra cost on all of Premier’s scalers and curettes, SmartSharp Technology provides exceptionally sharp initial edges that are easy to maintain. The proprietary manufacturing process ensures well-defined, long-lasting edges; they can easily be re-sharpened to factory sharpness as needed to maintain efficiency. The sharp edges provide a smooth, precise cut with minimal hand fatigue. Additionally, the edges create a glass-like tooth surface. SmartSharp edges are offered on 3 instrument lines, all of which feature ergonomic handles. Big Easy Ultralite scalers and curettes have thick (1/2-in diameter), soft ergonomic handles and weigh 16g. Big Easy Hollow Handle Stainless Steel scalers and curettes also feature the cushion-grip handles (7/16-in diameter) and weigh 23 g. The medical-grade silicone cushion grips provide passive tactile feedback for reduced hand pressure. Light Touch Round instruments have 5/16-in diameter handles and weigh 21 g.




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premier universal scalers
I purchased these for my office at the NYC dental convemtion at a special 9ffer of buy 4 instruments get 2 free. They are more affordable than other scalers and an excellent value. I love the ergonomic handle and the purple color helps these instruments to stand out from other scalers. They keep their edge and need less sharpening than your average scaler. Would purchase again.
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