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The sensor features ACE technology, a Sopro exclusive process that controls the amount of x-rays accumulated by the sensor, protects each image from overexposure, and ensures images are always clear. With clear x-rays on the first shot, patients are protected from unnecessary exposure. Sopix² comes with an improved version of ACTEON’s Sopro imaging software, with a new design, improved readability, and upgraded ergonomics. All x-rays are taken with a single click, and it also allows the clinician to check the performance of the x-ray generator at any time with its oscilloscope mode. Sopix² sensors with Sopro imaging software allow the user to check the USB port power level to help diagnose any problems with the computer. The user-friendly nature of the software allows Sopix² to easily fit any practice configuration. Sopix² is available in 2 sensor sizes: size 1 is used vertically for xraying 1 to 3 teeth, and size 2 is recommended for horizontal use with bitewing x-rays. The corners of the sensor are rounded for easy placement inside the mouth and superior patient comfort. —Bob Alaburda




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