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SplatrFREE Swangle 360 Degree from SmartPractice is an ergonomically designed angle that provides unprecedented access and comfort with every prophy performed. The contra angle improves access to posterior teeth and helps reduce hand fatigue. The revolutionary new Swangle 360 head adjusts to lock into the perfect contra position with a positive “click.” Swangle features a SplatrFREE head and control shield, engineered to control spray to reduce splatter.

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Angled perfection with excellent splatter control
I've been using the Swangle exclusively now for over ten years and will never go back to a straight angle ever again. The cup is soft and contours well for interproximal polishing. And if you need to swivel the angle in the opposite direction it's just a twist and you're ready to access the distal of any molar. I Highly recommend this prophy angle.
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SplatrFREE Swangle
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