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Previous to cementation of conventional crowns, bridges and implant prosthetics, it is necessary to determine the relationship of the crown and adjacent teeth. In order to check the contact point, it required the use of occlusion paper. Occlusion paper often portrays a broad and inaccurate contact point with the risk of disproportionate alteration, displaying a large contact point.

Spotit from Directa is a colored marker available in straight and angled handle. When the marker crosses the connection between the prosthetic and neighboring tooth, it displays a precise implication of the modification required for the perfect contact point. The whole procedure can be without the need of assistance.

Spotit has made adjusting contact points on crowns and bridges easier than ever before!


An easy and effective tool to identify contact points for indirect restorations Determining and checking the proximal contacts when seating a crown can be challenging for any clinician. An inaccurate assessment can lead to excessive adjustment or too large a contact point. To overcome this challenge, Directa Dental developed the SpotIt crown and bridge contact finder, describing it as an easy and effective tool for identifying contact points for indirect restorations. We asked a group of dentists to try SpotIt in their practices for t...

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SpotIt® by Directa - C&B contact finder

Identifying contact points on crowns and bridges has never been easy. Before cementation of conventional crowns, bridges and implant prosthetics, it is necessary to assess the relationship of the crown to the neighboring teeth. Occlusion paper is often used to check the contact point. This method however shows a too broad and inaccurate contact point with the subsequent risk of excessive adjustment, often resulting in too large contact point. Directa’s new contact finder SpotIt is a coloured marker available on straight and angled handle. As the marker traverses the contact between the prosthetic element and the adjacent tooth it leaves...

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So easy to use!
What I loved about this product when I had a chance to use it was it's durability and accuracy. It was easy to handle and I ended up buying the assortment "straight" because I don't like the angled (personal preference)
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Directa Spotit® - C&B contact finder
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