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Product Description

For use with radiological sensors, the snug fitting R.S. elastic barriers fit all popular sensors on the market. Perfect infection control for your patients while protecting your equipment from corrosive wipes or sterilizing solutions. Available in non-latex (green) and a natural rubber latex (blue).

•One size fits all sensors
•Eliminates damaging effect of cold sterilizers on sensors
•Helps pad sensor edges for patient comfort
•Easy on/off, snug-fitting sleeve design


A total of 12 dentists, hygienists, and dental assistants with more than 226 years of combined professional experience participated in this Dental Product Shopper evaluation, testing either the natural rubber latex or the latex-free RS Barriers and rating features such as ease of use, overall fit on sensors, and patient comfort.

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Proper Barriers Protect Patients

The new era we live and practice in requires us to ask whether we're doing enough for infection prevention, and if there is something more we can do to protect our patients. One area that deserves deeper consideration involves the barriers used to cover equipment such as intraoral sensors, which...

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Keeping Your Practice Safe with Infection Control Barriers

Guarding your dental practice against harmful pathogens requires a combination of solid intra-office infection control protocols and the right tools for the job. While cleaning and disinfecting surfaces is undeniably essential to infection control in the workplace, protective barriers can provide a literal extra layer of protection. Barriers are particularly...

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R.S. Barriers
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