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Sterisil® Straw and Antimicrobial Bottle are the solution to transitioning from daily tablets to a single yearly change out. The Sterisil® Straw works 365 days to continuously disinfect dental unit water lines while providing safe and clean water for your patients, staff, and dental unit. Simply remove your existing pickup tube, and install the new pickup tube with the Sterisil® Straw on the barb fitting. Distilled or purified municipal water is recommended for optimum product performance and dental composite bonding.


Sterisil Sterisil Straw Dental Waterline Treatment System Sterisil Straw provides continuous disinfection of dental unit waterlines for 365 days. The manufacturer recommends using Sterisil Straw, which has FDA clearance, with distilled water. However, tap water also can be used as long as it is good quality. If you are unsure of your water quality, Sterisil recommends having it tested, a service they provide. Sterisil Straw works with any size water bottle, and it is the only product to include an automatic shock treatment upon i...

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Video Evaluation: Sterisil Straw Dental Waterline Treatment System

Dr. Chris Salierno discusses the Product Evaluation of Sterisil Straw dental waterline treatment system....

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Video: Sterisil System- Maintenance Time

Sterisil has a total maintenance time of 10 minutes for the year....

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Video: Sterisil System- Dental Water and Autoclave Water

With the Sterisil system, dental water and autoclave water is excellent because clinicians can see it....

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Sterisil Straw
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