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RGP is the leader in ergonomic seating solutions for medical professionals. Our doctor, hygiene and assistant stools have been helping promote good posture for over eleven years.

RGP stools are available in standard vinyl, Ultra-Vinyl or cutom material. Doctor stools can be covered in genuine leather. The support arms can be added in several different configurations.RGP offers a thirty-day money-back guarantee on all products. There is a lifetime warranty on the mechanical components and a three-year warranty on other components.




Is Your Stool Hurting You?

When a clinician consistently uses seating that is not ergonomically designed, he or she is at risk for occupational chronic pain and injury.  A stool can encourage a dentist to repeatedly bend and slump forward, pushing the spine out of its natural curvature. SurgiTel, a company that manufacturers loupes and lights, also understands why it’s so important for dental professionals to use supportive seating. That’s why they have partnered with RGP Dental, an expert on ergonomic stools and chairs....

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Straddle Stool
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