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SLActive’s chemically active surface offers faster osseointegration to enhance confidence in all treatments1, achieving secondary stability sooner than SLA during the critical 2 to 4 week healing period. The SLActive surface reduces healing times from 6 to 8 weeks to 3 to 4 weeks2, and provides increased predictability in stability-critical treatment protocols. References 1. Compared to SLA in an animal model 2. Compared to SLA Paul Rosen, DMD, MS Speaks about the Dental Implant Complications Symposium on May 9, 2014 in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX David Cochran, DDS, PhD Speaks about the Dental Implant Complications Symposium on May 9, 2014 in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX




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IMPLANT INNOVATIONS Manufacturers and researchers have been sweating the small stuff to make current dental implant systems more reliable and treatment more accessible than ever ANEW narrow-body screw-retained implants are designed for patients with narrow ridges and limiting spaces. Most of the buzz about current trends in implantology focuses on technologies and workflow in the digital realm. And granted, the use of 3D imaging and other advanced digital modalities for diagnosis, treatment planning, and guided surgery has probably been the most significant change in implant dentistry over the past decade or...

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Straumann Tissue level implants
I have tried several implant systems and have found the tissue level Straumann implants to be superior to all of the other implants I have used. The system is straight forward both for placement and restorative. The use of the larger threaded post on the one piece abutment and placement of the restoration on the implant collar at the tissue level eliminates the microgap and screw loosening problems associated with the other systems. Beautiful stable results are not difficult to achieve.
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Straumann SLActive
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