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With StreamDent, the clinician no longer has to remember every tray setup, tub setup, task to perform, and type of material to retrieve. In addition, StreamDent has a “working column” feature that helps the program easily integrate with the office’s current practice management software. Every system sheet can be customized to the dentist’s individual preferences; StreamDent provides a starting point based on the dental practice management software currently in use, and the dentist takes it from there. One of the main advantages of StreamDent is that it’s Web-based—there is no software to download, install, or maintain. It is also paperless, integrating into dental practice management software seamlessly. If something changes, there’s no wasted paper or a need to reprint. StreamDent’s forms and scripts are based on best practices across the dental industry, and it can incorporate into a current system with easy-to-customize features. —Bob Alaburda

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