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Go Digital Today, 3D Tomorrow

The Suni3D panoramic system provides the flexibility to upgrade to cephalometric or 3D cone beam in the future.

3D diagnosis and planning are rapidly emerging as the new standard of care for comprehensive dental care. The Suni3D panoramic system combines simplicity with state-of-the-art technology to provide ease of use, superior image quality, and extensive diagnostic capability.

With Suni's modular design, the user can choose a digital panoramic and later cost-effectively upgrade to a One-Shot cephalometric and/or 3D cone beam. Or they can start with Suni3D and go with cone beam from the beginning. With Suni3D, users have the flexibility to choose the system that works best for them.

Suni3D's scan time is as follows: panoramic (standard)-12.7 seconds; fast scan-9.1 seconds; cephalometric-.9 seconds; and conebeam- 8.3 seconds. It acquires 18 to 30 frames per second with reconstruction times less than 1 minute. A state-of-the-art area sensor enables orthodontic specialists to have high-quality images that were previously unavailable.

With Suni3D's outstanding diagnostic image quality, coronal, sagittal, and axial images can be viewed together with the panoramic image in one viewer. Suni3D is ideal for implantology, temporomandibular joint evaluation, and endodontic procedures. 'Julie Cullen

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