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The Suni3D HD system scans at either a 0.08 or a 0.125 voxel size, chosen by the user at the time of the scan. These smaller voxel sizes are amongthe most premium currently in the industry, providing image definition and anatomic landmarks that cannot be seen by traditional 2D imaging. The Suni3D HD system is perfect for capturing the necessary 3D anatomic structures for even the most demanding endodontic procedures. It is one of the few systems on the market with a 5x5-cm focused field of view, offering lower doses of radiation to the patient and less liability for the dentist. It optimizes the practice, while allowing the dentist to provide the exceptional endodontic care that patients deserve. The new 3D-only system also is upgradeable to include a panoramic option should the need arise in the future. —Bob Alaburda

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Suni3D HD
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