Suntech Full Zirconia

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Many Benefits in One Solid Material

Suntech Full Zirconia Restorations

Hard-sintered Suntech Zirconia provides strength and all-ceramic beauty.

Sun Dental Labs introduces Suntech Full Zirconia, a CAD/CAM full-contour restoration with no porcelain overlay. Requiring no specialized preparation or cementation, Suntech Full Zirconia is an affordable, esthetically superior alternative to full-cast metal restorations.

Indicated for posterior crowns and bridges, these restorations require minimum shoulder preparation and provide perfect marginal fit. The zirconia restorations are strong and durable with a maximum bonding strength of 1300 MPa and a flexural strength of 1200 ± 200 MPa. Because it is monolithic, with no layering, Suntech Full Zirconia is chip-resistant and ideal for bruxers and grinders.

The Suntech System combines industrialized production processes with individualized esthetics. Suntech CAD/CAM from Sun Dental Labs is an innovative and future-oriented CAD/CAM technology that provides dentists and laboratories with a complete solution utilizing high-quality materials to produce dental restorations with precision fit and perfect esthetics. Dentists can continue using conventional preparation and cementation techniques with the Suntech System. 'Julie Schmitt




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Suntech Full Zirconia
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