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SwishPlant tapered, self-tapping implants with progressively deeper buttress threads offer compatibility with Straumannââ'¬â'¢s tissue-level implants.

Available in 5 diameter and 5 length options, they have microthreads for stability and double-lead body threads for fast insertion. A fixture-mount that serves as a transfer and can be shortened for use as a straight abutment, snapon comfort cap, cover screw, and 2-mm healing collar are included.




Zest Anchors and Implant Direct Reach Settlement

Competition in a specialized industry can at times get a little too close for comfort and may result in legal action. In some cases, the parties may reach a solution intended to be mutually beneficial. That appears to be the case in the settlement of Zest Anchors and Implant Direct . The lawsuit was initially filed in 2013 by Zest IP Holdings Inc. and Zest Anchors, LLC, against Implant Direct Mfg., LLC, Implant Direct, LLC, Implant Direct Int’l and Implant Direct Implant Direct Sybron International LLC (IDSI). Zest, a manufacturer and distributor of overdenture implant...

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