Symmetry IQ 4000

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Symmetry IQ generator products are designed to optimize patient chair time by delivering superior performance and efficiency. With the Symmetry IQ 4000 Series, the manufacturer has augmented each of these attributes by affording clinicians access to both medicament and municipal water at the touch of a button thanks to the dual irrigation system. To maximize convenience, portability, and ease of use, the unit features two self-contained, large-capacity (500 ml) fluid bottles and individual fluid controls, while an auto-purge feature simplifies removal of residual medicament. The Symmetry IQ 4000 sports a large-diameter, lightweight, ergonomic handpiece that employs fiber-optic illumination for enhanced visibility and clinician comfort. Coupled with state-of-the-art circuitry, color-coded touchpad controls, and compact design, the Symmetry IQ 4000 is designed to enhance productivity. Hu-Friedy also offers a broad range of Symmetry Piezo tip designs to meet a variety of clinical needs—including scaling, thin perio, curette style, After-five, and diamond-coated tips. - Bob Alaburda

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Symmetry IQ 4000
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