T-Quick 2540MKA Autoclave

Product Description

The T-Quick 2540MKA Autoclave is the only manual autoclave with closed door drying. Experience fast cycles without compromising patients' safety! The T-Quick cycles deliver dry instruments, no wicking and no recontamination to put patients at risk. Set it and forget it!

•Sterilizes and dries without the need to supervise
•Post Covid-19 Chairside sterilization
•Faster cycles
•Simple Drainage
•Overheating Protection
•More partial loads when needed vs. full loads


Press Release

Press Release

Tuttnauer Introduces New Innovative Products to Enhance Its Infection Control Solutions

Today, Tuttnauer is announcing the launch of the following new products effective immediately, providing a complete one-stop solution for all your infection control needs....

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T-Quick 2540MKA Autoclave
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