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Essential Dental Systems’ newest endodontic system, Tango-Endo, features 2 strong and reusable instruments designed for use in root canal procedures. It is designed with a unique, patented flat along its entire length, which allows for faster engagement with less resistance, increases flexibility without sacrificing strength, and virtually eliminates instrument separation. The Tango-Endo Introductory Kit includes a reciprocating, latch-type handpieces designed to aid in the prevention of binding and assist in the preservation of the canal’s unique anatomy. Also included with the apparatus are precision matched gutta percha points, which provide a perfect fit every time.


A team of Dental Product Shopper evaluators, all general dentists, recently evaluated the Tango-Endo Introductory Kit, which includes 3 shaping instruments, 3 finishing instruments, the Tango-Endo reciprocating handpiece, and 60 precision-matched gutta percha points. Many evaluators appreciated that the system was easy to use, with comments about its efficiency and convenience. Read why collectively, these evaluators rated the Tango-Endo 4.0 out of 5!

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Great Product
I have successfully used EDS safesider reamers in a reciprocating handpiece since 2007. Now once I have established a glide path to a size 20/02 I only need two more instruments to complete the preparation without excessive removal of intracoronal dentin. This system makes endo fun, simple, easy to learn, and worry free from the breakage and separation of rotary NiTi.
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