Temporary Crown and Bridge – Select Supratemp 10:1

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All the strength at half the cost!

Select SupraTemp is the ideal temporary crown and bridge material. It's perfectly suited for everything from single unit crowns to long span bridges. It polishes to a high, natural looking gloss and resists staining longer than other provisional materials.
SupraTemp is a very easy material for creating short and long term temporary crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays or veneers. SupraTemp shows flourescence in UV light and is free of methyl methacrylate.
Supratemp was evaluated by 25 consultants in 481 uses by the Dental AdvisorTM. This provisional crown and bridge material was given an 86% clinical rating.

1 x 50ML Cartridge $74.95




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Temporary Crown and Bridge – Select Supratemp 10:1
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