TePe Implant Care

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The innovative TePe Implant Care brush has a unique neck angle that provides improved access to difficult-to-reach lingual and palatal surfaces of the implants. The slim shape of the brush head is specially designed to facilitate cleaning even in very narrow areas. TePe Implant Care was developed in collaboration with specialists in periodontology and implantology. The new implant brush has already received positive feedback from the NYU College of Dentistry, from specialists at the Europerio Congress in Stockholm, Sweden, and from the Implant Congress in Curitiba, Brazil. In the USA, this new brush was introduced at the AAP in Boston in September 2009. Headquartered in Sweden, TePe has been manufacturing oral hygiene products since 1965. TePe products are available worldwide, and TePe works to ensure that all of its products are designed in an eco-friendly manner. —Jason Schwartz

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TePe Implant Care
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