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The NSK Ti-Max X series contra-angles feature advanced technology combined with an elegant, ergonomic design. The contra-angles offer users improved access to the operating field and maximum visibility. The reliable Ti-Max X Series offer superior operator and patient comfort.




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  For crown preps, I always reach for my Ti-Max Z95L ....

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My Go-To Handpiece
Imagine you are a dentist in the 1950's and a belt drive handpiece is the standard for treating patients. You go to a dental meeting and to check out this “ high tech” handpiece you’ve heard about that uses air to power a small turbine in the handpiece head. You try it and are impressed with the control you now have! The steadiness! The speed at which you can get the job done! I started dental school in the late 1970’s and was taught using air turbine handpieces. Recently I bought this NSK electric. Picking up this NSK gave me the same feeling as that doctor from the 1950’s had the first time he picked up an air driven handpiece. You’ll appreciate what torque is once you use this. It doesn’t slow down like an air rotor. The light intensity and illumination area far exceeds any air turbine I’ve ever used. And… it’s certainly quieter than any air high speed I’ve used. Negatives? It’s heavier and fatter than air turbines…and certainly costlier. In addition, it’s an vital that you use plenty of water spray, since the gears in the head will get hot without proper cooling. I rarely use air high speeds anymore. I’ve bought extra electric high speed attachments to insure I dont get caught with all my electric handpieces in sterilization. My sales rep was so convinced I'd buy this, he let me have this NSK system for a free trial period to see how I would like using it. How did I like it? I will never go back to 1950’s technology.
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The Ti-Max X 95L
I changed to an electric hand piece after trying the Ti-Max X95L at a dental meeting. The trial on bone and extracted teeth was exhilerating so I jumped right in. Expecting to shorten my cutting time by half, the fact that it's heavier than any pneumatic version seemed minor. What I wished I knew is that cutting through ceramic or metal wears down the burs a lot faster, needing up to four great whites per crown!I noticed the same stands for composite restorations, especially when using small burs (330 and the like). When preping crowns you have to apply a lot of force and since they are heavier they increase hand fatigue. The head is too wide making it challenging to prep second and third molars. Their lifespan is about two years tops. With all that being said, they are relatively quiet and create nice and well design preps. The fiber optic works great.
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great handpiece
I find the torque on this handpiece is excellent and have to very rarely send it for any type of repair. Maybe once a year or more to replace or rebuild the turbine
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Ti-Max X Series
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