Tokuyama Universal Bond

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Product Description
Tokuyama Universal Bond is a 2-component self-cured universal bonding agent for both direct and indirect restorations that can be used with self-etch, selective-etch and total-etch techniques. This universal bonding agent has been designed to be fully compatible with light-cured, self-cured and dual-cured composite materials. Tokuyama Universal Bond offers high bond strength to polymerizable resin material (adhesive resin cement, acrylic resin and composite resin) to indirect restorative materials such as glass-ceramics (porcelain), oxide-ceramics (zirconia and alumina), metals (precious and non-precious) and resin materials including inorganic filler. As a true universal bonding agent, Tokuyama Universal Bond does not require additional activators or primers. It offers a quick and easy application without the need to agitate, light cure, or wait and has virtually no post-op sensitivity.


Universal Bond is a true universal that produces strong bonds without the need to agitate or light cure   If you’re like most dentists, you probably take claims such as “universal” and “time saving” with a grain a salt. That healthy bit of skepticism makes you a smart consumer. It also provides you with the opportunity to sometimes be pleasantly surprised. Tokuyama’s Universal Bond produces high bond strengths to virtually all dental substrates, and it does so without the need to agitate, add activators or primers, light cure, o...

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Tokuyama Universal Bond
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