Tri Auto ZX2

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J. MORITA USA announces the Tri Auto ZX2, a compact, cordless motor with a built-in apex locator. Redesigned with canal treatment technology, this unit simplifies procedures while protecting the patient with innovative safety features. Tri Auto ZX2 can be used for achieving apical patency and creating a glide path with the Optimum Glide Path function. The extremely responsive handpiece allows for subtle and delicate manipulation of the file, facilitating faster and safer treatment in even the most difficult cases involving constricted or extremely curved canals. Rotary files sized as small as #10 may be used.




Dental CBCT—What You Need to Know

It’s the beginning of a new year (2015, can you believe it?), and I’m guessing (and I’ve actually heard from some of my dentist friends) that more clinicians are starting to integrate CBCT into their practices. That got me to thinking about what a challenge it can be to bring a new piece of equipment into a practice…learning curves, training, staff acceptance, and—most important of all—patient experience. All that thinking inevitably lead me to Googling and I came across what appears to me to be a really great resource. At the FDA site, they have a...

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Tri Auto ZX2
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