TrollBarrier for Composite Gun

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The FDA recommends use of barriers on composite restorative guns to reduce contamination, while the CDC recommends barriers be used on clinical contact surfaces and equipment that is in contact with a patient. TrollDental’s TrollBarrier for composite gun is super soft and strong. Simply apply over the gun and proceed to use, discard barrier after use, and apply a new barrier for next patient. Using the TrollBarrier to cover the composite gun between patients cuts down on turnaround time and can prolong the life of the device.


TROLL DENTAL TrollBarrier for Composite Gun A strong, disposable protective composite gun cover reduces the need for autoclaving between patients TrollBarrier decreases the possibility of crosscontamination. Sherwood Tucker, DDS Eagle Butte, SD Sometimes it’s a little challenging to change the composite unidoses due to the plastic sleeve. Mihaela Popa, DMD Kenosha, WI [It helped] save time since the composite gun did not need to be sterilized between patients. Lo...

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This year, perhaps more than any other, clinicians don’t want to think twice about the cleanliness of their operatories and equipment—and they don’t want patients to think twice, either. To ensure optimal infection control for everyone who sets foot in the practice, dental teams should stock the office not only...

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4 No-Fuss Features of TrollBarrier, Now Available Through Directa Dental

For certain products in your operatory, there is an easier, less time-consuming way to ensure the safe use of instruments and devices during each patient appointment: disposable barriers....

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TrollBarrier for Composite Gun
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