TrollByte Plus

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Ease of Use in a Digital Sensor Holder

The combination of the aiming pin and small pin makes it easy to determine vertical and horizontal sensor position.

TrollDental introduces the TrollByte Plus digital sensor holder, the superior choice for simple but perfect quality digital x-rays. The TrollByte Plus features a unique system of only 5 pieces to enable a full-mouth survey with total angle and position control of the sensor in the mouth. The aiming ring consists of 5 locations that provide the correct positioning for the x-ray beam even with a rectangular cone. The ring is color coded to assist in lining up the ring for various angles providing complete position control of the sensor. The holders are also color coded to provide a more user-friendly choice. TrollByte Plus is made of a sturdy but flexible plastic, allowing the claws to be bent enough to aid in securing a tight fit of the sensor to the claw. It is now possible to shape and adjust the tension of the claw to the sensor.

TrollByte Plus is a one-piece sensor holder requiring no assembly. The TrollByte Plus starter kit includes 3 different holders, 1 biteblock, and an aiming ring. Step-by-step instructions for use, along with photo examples, are included making it quick and easy to begin using TrollByte Plus. 'Jason Schwartz

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TrollByte Plus
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