Two Striper Diamonds

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Evenly placed crystals in a uniform matrix are fused to a surgical-grade stainless steel shank. Natural, virgin diamond crystals on Two Striper rotary instruments contain more corners and angles than synthetic diamonds used on electroplated burs. They are available in a wide variety of clinical shapes and multiple grits.


After using the same burs for years, Dr. Tanya Orr was convinced that her burs were perfect and wasn’t looking to change anything. Still, she agreed to try Two Striper diamond burs, distributed by Premier Dental, for this DPS evaluation, curious if she could increase the speed and precision of altering tooth structure. Dr. Orr discovered that the new diamonds “did exactly that!” Read what all of the evaluators had to say, and why they collectively rated Two Striper Diamonds 4.7 out of 5.

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TS Diamonds
Very good, consistent quality.
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Two Striper Diamonds
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