UltraSpeed CO2 Laser

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The latest in technology for soft tissue management, the DEKA UltraSpeed is the only CO2 laser that provides total efficiency in the speed of energy transmission for superb control and esthetic results. It provides optimal clinical conditions and prognoses for post-operative recovery. When using DEKA’s UltraSpeed technology, most surgical procedures can be performed with less anesthetics and perfect coagulation, resulting in minimal post-operative pain and swelling. The added benefit of predictable clinical results is an optimal recovery that gives the practitioner and patient security and assurance. This laser has an LCD color touch screen control panel that is easy to navigate. Pre-programmed settings are alphabetized for more than 70 laser procedures and can perform precise surgical incisions without charring. Totally self-contained, operation requires no special accommodations for water, gas, or power. A sterilized, bloodless surgical field without swelling results in reduced patient discomfort and accelerated healing. —Bob Alaburda

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UltraSpeed CO2 Laser
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