UNI-ETCH w/BAC and ETCH-37 w/BAC in 30 mL Bulk Syringe System

Product Description
UNI-ETCH w/BAC and ETCH-37 w/BAC are 32% and 37% semi-gel phosphoric acid etchants with BAC (Benzalkonium Chloride), an antimicrobial agent. They are ideal for etching tooth structure before bonding and specifically formulated to be easily applied to larger surface areas and rinsed cleanly with no residue. Indicated for use on enamel, dentin, and as a cleaning agent for restorative substrates, UNI-ETCH w/BAC and ETCH-37 w/BAC effectively remove the smear layer, etch, and demineralize enamel and dentin, producing the necessary microretentive surface for successful bonding. BISCO’S UNI-ETCH w/BAC and ETCH-37 w/BAC are packaged in a 30 mL bulk syringe system.




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UNI-ETCH w/BAC and ETCH-37 w/BAC in 30 mL Bulk Syringe System
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