VacStar NEO Wet Dental Vacuum Systems

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Designed to provide energy savings without compromising performance, Air Techniques' VacStar NEO wet vacuum features a variable frequency drive pump for high suction, quiet operation, and water and energy savings. Its axial flow impeller and housing design usesup to 85% less water than conventional wet ring dental evacuation systems, potentially saving up to 150,000 gallons of water per year. The VFD pump decreases RPMs when demand goes down, reducing electrical consumption by an average 70%. These energy-saving features can reduce water and electric bills while supporting offices as an eco-friendly business. "The VacStar NEO provides new industry standards in energy savings without compromising on performance," said Gregory Kass, Air Techniques' Utility Product Manager. Covered by an industry-leading 5-year limited warranty for unlimited hours, the VacStar NEO comes in 4 different models and can accommodate up to 7 simultaneous users.




VacStar NEO by Air Techniques, Inc.

The NEW VacStar NEO Wet Vacuum System by Air Techniques, Inc....

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VacStar NEO Wet Dental Vacuum Systems
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